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Online Coaching with 1805

Online coaching with 1805

1805 is proud to be able to offer online coaching to teens and adults globally. Acting is the purest form of self-discovery and expression so let our top tier faculty equip you with the meticulous tools and techniques you need to greater your empathy and understanding of human behaviour. 1805 believes that the art of acting is a liberating journey and that the craft of acting is a way of life. So not only will we teach you the tools but we will offer immense wisdom on the industry and how to build your craft effectively. Acting class/coaching should be viewed as going to the gym, its a way to test your creativity and train it. 

Acting Tools

Acting Tools
  • Learn Uta Hagen's 6 steps for building a character

  • Script break down & analysis 

  • Instrumental techniques for cracking your emotions wide open

  • Sense memory work 

  • The incredible power of substitutions 

  • Relaxation techniques 

  • Body language and character creation

  • Shakespeare

Audition Tools

Audition Tools
  • How to effectively warm up your instrument 

  • How to relax and stay grounded throughout your audition 

  • What to expect and how to adapt to a room

  • How to create an impression

  • Memorization techniques  

  • How to get representation 

1805 uses a conglomerate of tools/methods from Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Eric Morris and Chekhov. 

1805 uses a conglomerate of tools and methods from Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Eric Morrisand Chekhov
Why is online coaching so effective ?

Online coaching is incredibly effective as you will have evidence of change from your initial tape to your final tape. It's also a great way for you to gain confidence within yourself as you will feel relaxed in your own environment. This sense of security aids enormous growth and is key to  your success. Online coaching has immense scheduling flexibility as it is done from the comfort of your own home making this form of coaching an effective way to keep your creativity in the gym.

How does it work ?

  1. Online coaching is available through the app Zoom or Skype. Please send:  a clip of the scene or the monologue via  Youtube ( private link ), Vimeo ( private link ) or Wetransfer.  Also email: with the script of the monologue or scene.  If you are new to self-tapes then 1805 will send you a "How to self-tape guide", free of charge. 

  2. After 1805 has received the self-tape your coach will send a private Skype or Zoom link.

  3. During your sessions with your coach you will review your tape, breakdown text, character analyze, rework delivery where necessary and polish (please note sessions are tailor-made to the individual).

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