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Film Reels

Blu Hunt

Xmen: The New Mutants,  The Originals, Another Life

We are living in a self-tape world now, and Louie is absolutely the only person I want to work on them with. He makes it so fun and relaxed, you never feel rushed, and he’s always got great tips. He won’t let you leave with something you don’t love, and it’s that kind of care that makes doing tapes with Louie worth it.


Maddie McCormick

Shameless, Little Fires Everywhere, The Dead Girls Detective Agency

Louie will go the extra mile to make sure you’re 1000% happy with your tape and feel your best sending it out to casting. He is a phenomenal reader and makes you feel instantly at ease so you can do your best work and look your best on camera! When I was having trouble getting into an emotional scene, Louie spent a full 10 minutes just improving with me until I felt connected to the material and ready to start. He’s completely in your corner and wants you to win and do your best work.


Brandon Sklenar

1923, Midway, Vice, The Big Ugly, Mapplethorpe

Having booked two lead roles in the last two months, I can confidently say, 1805 is the best taping experience I’ve had to date. It makes a world of difference taping with and reading opposite someone who is able to play and genuinely wants the best for you and your work.

The Camera

4k /1080p

With Canons fastest eye focusing technology & Rodes latest NTG Boom Mic 

The Reader

An actor represented by top tier representation, More/Medavoy & APA

What is 1805 ?

1805  is a high quality self taping facility for the working actor. Founded by Louie Chapman in 2020 in response to the acknowledgement of how crucial self tapes are to the casting process in the entertainment industry. 

 I have been in every audition room across LA, I have watched and helped friends with casting, I have had intensive conversations with various high playing agents, managers and casting directors on what tapes stand out and what makes a good tape.

1805 is the amalgamation of answers that will capture your best performance. 

Professional Reader

A quick paced reader who listens and can give the auditioning actor energy to work with but does not drive or over power the scene.

High Quality

4k/1080p recording with Canons fastest and newest eye auto focus technology. So you're always in focus and always looking good.


Fashion Grey Savage Paper for versatility. Can be lit dark and broody or light and commercially.

Clear Sound

Top end audio quality from RODES latest and newest shotgun mic.




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